Thank you for your interest in hosting a food drive! We’ve put together some tools, tips, and tricks for you. Holding a food drive is easy!

1. Pick your dates, location, and goals

  • Figure out how long you want to hold your food drive; most drives last from one week to an entire month.
  • Have a designated place (or places) for people to drop off food.
  • Set a goal! For example, a certain amount of pounds per person (we’ll weigh the food at the pantry for you) or filling a certain number of containers. Goals are a great way to get people excited and motivated!

2. Consider Food and Funds

3. Have some fun!

Have a theme to get people interested. Some of our favorites are:

  • Thanks for Giving: A food drive around the holidays
  • Hunger Doesn’t Take a Summer Break: A summertime food drive, when kids aren’t getting lunch at school
  • Favorite Foods: Participants donate their favorite food or the ingredients to make a favorite dish

Have a friendly competition

  • Different groups compete against each other to see who can bring in the most food/funds
  • Some examples are different work departments, classes/grade levels, even men vs. women!

Reward yourself on a job well done

  • Rewards are a great way to celebrate reaching a goal or honoring a winning group
  • Some examples are a jeans/dress-down day or pizza party
  • Cap off your food drive with a tour of the pantry! This is a great way to see how your food and funds will be put to use.

For questions on holding a food drive or to schedule a tour of Aurora Food Pantry, please email Eddie Galvan at egalvan@aurorafoodpantry.org.