March Fundraiser

March 31, 2020
This March, launch a “Facebook Fundraiser” for the Pantry! You will be surprised how quickly you can raise much needed revenue for our organization. Participation is easy and all you need is a Facebook account. 

1. Create a Facebook Post. Here is a sample that you can cut and paste into your own account

Help Me Feed the Hungry! January, February and March are the most difficult months for the Pantry. As many of you know, we feed over 113,000 people a year from 6 counties in Illinois (40% of those we feed are children). In the “winter” months – giving drops dramatically and it becomes very “tight” for our mission. During this time of year – even the smallest gift can help. Would you please consider helping me to feed hungry families from your local community? Even better, would you please consider hosting your own “Facebook Fundraiser” to support this important program that cares for so many? Just copy and paste this post – and challenge your friends and family to help feed the hungry. Even a $5 gift matters. Together – we can make a difference in the lives of thousands of people.

My goal is to raise $250 by March 31st. Can you help me get there? 

1. Click the “Support Nonprofit” button and type in Aurora Area Interfaith Food Pantry
2. Add a Picture (Posts with Pictures always get more traffic than posts that don’t).
3. Re-share your fundraising post every 3 days with a friendly reminder about your goal. 
4. Use the Facebook “Direct Messenger” feature to message your contacts and encourage them to get involved. 
Keep track of how much you raise during the month of March and let us know the total amount so we can send an update out to all fundraiser participants!