OctoberFeast Program Book Ads

Showcase your business to the community and your support of Aurora Area Interfaith Food Pantry with an ad in the OctoberFeast program book. Ad pricing and sizes can be found at the link. Please note: the covers have been SOLD.

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How to submit an ad:

  1. Mail: Send form and press ready ad to Aurora Food Pantry, PO Box 2602 Aurora, IL 60507
  2. Electronically: Email form and ad in PDF or JPEG format to nlouis@aurorafoodpantry.org
  3. Payment: Mail to pantry at PO Box 2602 Aurora, IL 60507 or pay online
  4. All ads must be pre-paid to be included in the Program Book.
  5. We are happy to create your ad for you, free of charge. Please mark the appropriate box on your form.
  6. Payment and ad copy must be received by August 28 to meet printing deadlines.
  7. Questions? Contact us