You Were There When She Needed You

May 2019

Telsa didn’t know she was seriously ill until she couldn’t make dinner for her kids anymore. Like many working mothers, she was focused on raising her two children, and she often neglected her own health.  A visit to the doctor revealed a serious case of hepatitis – something she believes she contracted in the medical environment where she worked. She was hospitalized immediately.

“I was so sick I became delusional,” she said. “I didn’t even remember talking to people afterwards.”  Telsa struggled to get better as doctors attempted to get her illness under control. “I felt fortunate my kids didn’t get it, too,” she said. “Everyone around me had to be tested.”

During her four-month ordeal, Telsa lost her job and found it hard to make ends meet. The SNAP program (formerly known as food stamps) wasn’t enough to feed her growing teens, so she decided to come back to the Aurora Food Pantry where she had once been helped.

Here, she found the type of food her doctors had recommended – fresh fruits and vegetables. Based on their nutritional recommendations, she began to introduce produce into every meal and learned new ways to cook and make healthy meals.

Today, she has regained her health and has embarked on a search to find a new job as a medical biller.  In the meantime, she knows she can rely on the help of the Aurora Food Pantry to keep her family healthy. “It’s made a big difference,” she said. We never run out of nutritious food.”

Raising two teens demands most of Tesla’s attention these days, but in her spare time she indulges her talent as a professional singer at venues in the City of Chicago that showcase local talent.

Like so many people we serve, Telsa’s needs are short-term, a chance to get back on her feet and rebuild with the help of the wholesome, nutritious food that Aurora Food Pantry can offer. “I was so grateful for Aurora Food Pantry,” she said. “They were there with the healthy food I required, when I needed it.”