2022 Volunteer of the Year Award

January 06, 2023

The Aurora Area Interfaith Food Pantry is pleased to announce the Volunteer of the Year award, dedicated to long-time volunteer Claire Perez.

The recipient of the 2022 Volunteer of the Year award goes to Linda Pfeiffer! Pfeiffer has been volunteering at the food pantry since 2009 and has seen the growth of the pantry from when it was located at Hesed House to its location now on 1110 Jericho Road.

“Receiving this award was totally unexpected and my reward is being here and being with everyone involved at the pantry,” said Pfeiffer, “It is just a good place to be!”

After 34 years of teaching, Pfeiffer knew she wanted to give back to her community and has spent her retirement just so! “Linda is always happy to help those in her community,” said Marcy Robles, Volunteer Coordinator. “I’ve worked with her to learn about different cultures and needs to help our neighbors. She is a great person to work with because you know she is doing it with her whole heart.”

Arriving at 7:30 AM three times a week, Linda starts stocking the freezer with food for distribution, and at 10:00 AM when neighbors start to arrive, she greets and helps them with frozen protein options. “I look forward to being here [Aurora Food Pantry], I look forward to seeing the neighbors and the staff I work with and I feel we are really meeting a critical need,” said Pfeiffer.

Not only does Linda help with distribution but she is also a part of a few committees at the pantry. She helps plan the Radiothon silent auction and serves on the development committee where she helps with various fundraising aspects throughout the year.

Having been a volunteer at the food pantry for nearly 14 years, Linda has become an integral part of making sure operations run smoothly. “Linda is a devoted volunteer who cares about the community she lives in, she is a great volunteer who is always ready to help where it’s needed,” said Eddie Galvan, Programs Director.

Congratulations, Linda, and thank you for your service!