Monthy Donor Program

Pantry Partners

Monthly Donor Program

Behind all 100,000 people served through the pantry last year, there is a unique story and a particular set of circumstances that caused them to need help: job loss, underemployment, illness, medical bills, just to name a few. They are your neighbor, your co-worker, your elderly relative, the child who walks past your house on her way to school, and probably someone you would least expect. The pantry relies solely on donations from the community. Consider becoming a member of our monthly giving club: Pantry Partners

$8 | Specialty Children's Gifts

Your monthly gift of $8 can provide nine Easter baskets or Christmas stockings for a child in our community. Put a smile on a child’s face.

$14 | Feed a Child for a Year

Your monthly gift of $14 feeds a child for a year. Be the reason a child does not miss a meal and set them up for success in and outside of school. 

$25 | Provide Menstrual Products

Your monthly gift of $25 helps provide menstrual hygiene products for a year for a woman in need. Break the cyle of period poverty. 

$50 | $400 Worth of Groceries

Thanks to Northern Illinois Food Bank, $1 buys $8 worth of groceries. A monthly donation of $50 provides $400 worth of groceries each month to our elderly neighbors. 

As a Pantry Partner, here’s what to expect from us! 

  • Invitation to an annual event exclusively for our Pantry Partners
  • An annual statement is issued each January for tax purposes
  • Your name listed on the pantry website
  • Real-time updates on how your gift is making a difference in the community

Current Pantry Partners

Richard and Rose Anne Albright

Sarah Arcangel

Katie and Chris Arko

Jack Armbruster

Aurora Advent Christian Church

Shelli Badger

Eric Battaglia

Beth Baxter

Michael Becker

Mark and Joanne Bernhard

Lee Blakley

Eric and Sonia Blanco

Dorese Bledsoe

Earl & Susan Button

Blessed Sacrament Church

Marshall Cameron

Shannon Cameron

Calvary Church

Ryan & Hillary Cobden

Kenneth Colwell

Michael Courtney

Jeff and Ginny Cowan

Rene and Silvia Cruz

Jeff and Nicholette Cutrera

John and Sherry Daly

Cynthia DeLuna

Jon and Julia Denood

Diego Diaz

Julie DiCaro

Margaret Doud

David Drankhan

Alyssa Edwards

John Joseph Erickson

William Flanagare

Lissette Fonseca

Jerry W Galligar

Joseph and Jeanne Garlitz

Gayles Memorial Baptist Church

Grace Point Church

Grace United Methodist Church

Michaela Haberkern

Deb & Rich Hall-Reppen

Bridget Harris

Living Purpose Church

Gregory Lisauskas

Kathleen Loewen

Gerald Lubshina

Karole Masters

Rev. Gary and Judy McCann

Darla Medernach

Christi Meixner

Jeff Millies

Blanca Mondragon

Steve & Colleen Montgomery

Robert Moreno

Mike and Mary Jane Murphy

Kay Myler

New England Congregational Church

Cindy Newport

North Central Illinois Labor Council

Jennifer and Kevin Ongtengco

Debbie & Tom Orlowski

Our Lady of Mercy

James Painter

Louis and Caryl Panozzo

William Passalaqua

Jodi Pelegrin

Yuneh Pemberton

Luis Antonio Perez, Sr.

Rev Dr. Brandon Perrine 

Randy and Beth Petri 

Shareese Pryor

Pablo Pizo

Pamela Rangel

Dan Reuland

Lolita Roberts

Mary Rodriguez

Brian and Bonnie Rooney

Kevin Ruebensam

David Rygh

Carlos Salgado

Richard & Janic Seymour

Hayley Shelton

Martha Sill

Michele Smith

Phil and Diane Sterdt

Jeffrey Hedrich

Susan G Heinkel

Bonnie and Philip Heirendt

Stuart Helm

Gail Zieche Hochsprung

David Huberty

Sarah Hunger

D. Hunt

Michael Hurst

Dorothy Johnson-Linner

Greg and Carrie Jones

Frederick Jorgensen

Kyle Keca

Mary Keeb

Louis Kersten

Dennis and Rae Lynn Knight

Phyllis Krueger

Leib Charitable Giving Fund

Deborah Strong

Elizabeth Sutherland

Lynn Szostek

Sharon Tate

Sherry Thomas

John Thunstedt

Three Eagles Inc.

Aurora Trejo

David and Alice Varalli

Cooper Vinz

Margaret Walkosz

Brad Weber

Westminster Presbyterian Church

Anna Wetherholt

Stephen & Karen Wilson

Amy Wolf

Teresa and David Wydra

Linda Zetterberg

Gail Zieche Hochsprung

Charlotte Shanks