From Teacher to Volunteer

December 09, 2021

After 34 years of teaching in the Aurora and Naperville area, Linda Pfeiffer knew she wanted to spend her retirement giving back to the community. Starting in 2009, Pfeiffer helps distribute food at the Aurora Area Interfaith Food Pantry (AAIFP).

Image of Linda Pfeiffer “I felt good about donating my time to the pantry, and knew there was a need for volunteers,” said Pfeiffer. “Volunteering has impacted me because it has given me more awareness of the needs in our community.”

This year alone, AAIFP has distributed 2,570,507 pounds of food and served 106,918 individuals. “Before the food pantry moved from its previous location, there was not a lot of room. It has been a blessing to have this [Aurora Interfaith Food Pantry] building, and seeing the growth [of the nonprofit] has been wonderful,” said Pfieffer.

Easter baskets, back-to-school supplies and Christmas stockings are just a few of the special distributions AAIFP added in 2021.

Image of Linda Pfeiffer helping at food pantry

A typical day at the pantry for Pfeiffer involves stocking the freezers, bagging frozen goods and helping neighbors. “There is one neighbor who comes and excitedly tells me what they created with last week’s givings,” said Pfieffer. “The neighbor will get a box and will get creative to turn it into something that their family will enjoy!” This story, along with others, has left a lasting impact on Pfeiffer and is one of the many reasons she volunteers weekly.

Through volunteering, she has met many people and cultivated friendships with other volunteers. “There is a group of us, we did not know each other before volunteering, and now we get together regularly outside of the pantry,” said Pfeiffer.

Over 10 years of volunteering, Pfeiffer has been a key volunteer at AAIFP. “Not only does she help out on our distribution days but also helps at our special events,” said Marcy Robles, AAIFP Volunteer Coordinator. “She is really dedicated to helping our neighbors and making sure their needs are being met!”

Thank you, Linda, for your generosity and continued support of the Aurora Area Interfaith Food Pantry! If you or your organization would like to become a volunteer, please visit aurorafoodpantry.org/new-volunteer/ or email, Marcy Robles.